Solvang’s New Frontiers Marketplace to pledge 5% of daily sales to Atterdag Village of Solvang

New Frontiers Natural Marketplace in Solvang will pledge 5% of total daily sales made Friday September 15th to benefit Atterdag Village of Solvang’s People Who Care Scholarships supporting low-income seniors.

Atterdag Village is a local nonprofit, founded in 1951, with a mission to enhance the quality of lives of all seniors within our community. Atterdag Village Board President Scott Biddinger and Executive Director Chris Parker said:

“The People Who Care Scholarships funded by the support of local businesses, foundations, and our giving community members in 2022, provided seven low-income seniors with housing, meals, and care on the Atterdag Village Campus. Moving forward, we will continue our community focus, providing financial scholarships to even more low-income seniors. This year, we are expanding the People Who Care Scholarships to provide much needed services to our low-income homebound seniors throughout the Santa Ynez Valley. Thank you for your support!”

Please join us on September 15th for 5% Friday at New Frontiers Marketplace, benefiting these much-needed low-income senior scholarships.

New Frontiers Natural Marketplace is located at 1984 Old Mission Drive in Solvang. For more information on Atterdag Village People Who Care Scholarships and the Second Annual Harvest Party Fundraiser on September 23rd visit