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Atterdag at Home is more than an organization; it’s a movement of individuals and partners coming together to create lasting change. Join us in nourishing and providing services to our home bound senior community. Empower the lives of our local seniors to age at home with dignity and pride. Together, we can make a meaningful impact.

Getting Started

Becoming a volunteer for Atterdag at Home Meals on Wheels is easy. Our schedules are flexible and accommodating, and it is an amazing feeling to deliver hot, healthy, and nutritious meals to home bound seniors in the Santa Ynez Valley. To join our dedicated team of volunteers, you will need to complete several steps.

5 Easy Steps

  • Fill out a Volunteer Application.
  • Provide a copy of your California Driver’s License and proof of Auto Insurance.
  • An invitation will be sent to your email, which is required by our insurance for a background check. It takes less than five minutes to complete, and we cover the cost of the vetting.
  • Meet with Karen Brown, Director of the Atterdag at Home Meals on Wheels program, to discuss a training date and schedule for volunteering.
  • A training date will be set up with a dedicated volunteer.
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Meals on Wheels Volunteer FAQs

How do I become a volunteer?
Becoming an Atterdag at Home Meals on Wheels volunteer is easy. You fill out an application, the director schedules a meeting with you, and you are trained one-on-one with a dedicated volunteer.

What time do I pick up the meals? How many routes are there?
The meals are picked up between 10:20-10:30am on Monday through Friday. MOW has 4 routes: 2 routes in Solvang, 1 route in Solvang and Santa Ynez, and 1 route that covers Solvang, Ballard, and Los Olivos.

Where are the meals picked up, and how long does it take to do a route?
The meals are made in the Atterdag Village kitchen, located to the right of the main driveway. Drive up until you see a loading area. Parking is sometimes difficult with all the delivery trucks. There are several allocated spaces for loading. Please be aware that there are also residents on campus.

What are some delivery tips for new volunteers?
Please make sure you have gasoline before you arrive. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Bring a water bottle and snack with you. Make sure you count everything in the delivery hot and cold coolers. It will save you so much time and effort in the long run. If you are out delivering and are short a meal or drink, please contact Karen Brown (805) 350-8478 or the Dietary Office (805) 686-5217.

What do we do when delivering to a senior?
First, put all the food items in the delivery bag, and look on the route sheet to see if there are any specific instructions for each client. Knock or ring their doorbell. You can hand them their meal or if they do not answer, please put the meal in their cooler.

What happens if they do not answer, and they don’t have a cooler out?
First, call the phone number on the route sheet. If there is no answer, please leave a message with your phone number and you can come back (if you can) to deliver at the end of the route. If their meal is still in their bag from the previous day, it could mean they are in trouble. Please take the old meal out and discard it, and do not leave the new meal. Let the director know that there is a potential problem.

Are Meals on Wheels volunteers considered Mandated Reporters?
Yes, we are all mandated reporters. If you suspect there may be a problem, you are required to notify the director of the program and she will make sure the senior is okay. Volunteers are often the only people that a senior encounters in a day, so it is important to establish connections when delivering and get to know their habits.

Thank you for your inquiry and for becoming a dedicated volunteer!

Important Documents

Before filling out the Volunteer Application please download and read the documents below.

The downloadable Volunteer Application can be filled out on your computer or mobile devices. Email your completed form to

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Brown, Director of Atterdag at Home
(805) 350-8478 or email